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Hair loss affects all ethnicities, and both genders. All men are susceptible to androgenetic alopecia, the genetic hair thinning condition known commonly as pattern baldness. This is the leading cause of hair loss.

There are some hormone-based hair replacement drugs in the marketplace, but a hair graft, or transplant, is the only permanent way to cure baldness. And the best hair transplant is the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation.

What is a hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the best method of hair transplantation. With FUE, surgeons can transplant up to 30% more hairs from the same sized donor area, where hair grows thickly.

Hairs are removed from this donor area. They are dissected under stereoscopic microscopes into slivers of follicular units, each containing about 3 hairs. These follicular units are transplanted to the balding area.

Some surgeons use the “stick-and-place method” for transplanting. A tiny tunnel is created in the scalp with a very fine needle, angled specifically for the transplanted hair follicle. The follicular unit graft is then inserted into the tunnel.

Dr. Simmons and Dr. McKenzie from the Seager Hair Transplant Centre have developed the “All Follicular Unit Mega Session”, where the grafts are placed into such minute holes they can be dense-packed. The transplanted hair is so densely placed that most patients need only one session.

Why choose FUE?

FUE is preferable to the older graft technique, which used larger grafts. With this older method, space had to be left between the grafts to provide proper blood flow. This led to an unnatural appearance, often compared to a tufted toothbrush, and more grafts were needed to fill in these areas.

Hair transplants for black men

The technique for hair transplants is the same for all types of hair. The success of a hair transplant depends on the surgeon, not the ethnicity of the patient. Make sure you choose an experienced surgeon.

hair transplant Are Hair Transplants Different For Black Men?

Most black people have very coarse, curly or kinked hair. This type of hair has better coverage and greater bulk than fine hair, so fewer follicles may need to be transplanted to get the desired result.

With FUE, even curved hair follicles can be transplanted. The surgeon separates individual groups of curved hair follicles for transplant. Though there is a greater chance of damaging curved follicles, the experienced surgeon won’t damage them.

Tips for choosing a hair transplant surgeon

Reputable surgeons will offer free hair consultations, and will tell you honestly if you can be helped. Some offer convenient online consultations. Take advantage of this.

Have a list of questions ready, so you don’t forget anything important. Don’t be afraid to ask if the surgeons themselves have had hair transplant surgery. You could also ask:

  • How much experience the surgeon has with your type of hair.
  • If the surgeon uses the FUE method.
  • If the surgeon is experienced in the “stick-and-place method”.
  • If the practice offers microscopic dissection.
  • If the practice is exclusively dedicated to hair transplantation.

You should also read patient testimonials. Don’t just rely on the surgeon’s own site, but do some research. There’s even a Hair Restoration Social Network, which is run by hair restoration patients. You’ll find information about all types of hair.

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