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Being a parent is not an easy task. Whether it’s your toddler fighting with another kid, or your 13-year old girl sulking and throwing tantrums, addressing your child’s anger is a very delicate issue.

You have to remember that all children undergo through this emotional phase. It’s hard enough for them to experience this. Thus, the least you want is to add to their ordeal by clashing with their tantrums head-on. How you respond will greatly determine if their anger escalates or not.

teen anger management Anger Management Activities for Children

Read on to know some tips about anger management activities for children.

  • Stay calm. If you kid is angry, allow him to simmer down. Getting angry with him for being upset will not help the situation. Worse, it can make the situation more confusing. When your kid is angry, staying calm will help him cope with whatever negative feeling he’s having.
  • Accepting that anger is a normal reaction is the first step towards understanding your kid’s feelings. If he is mad, frustrated or upset, do not get angry, too. When he quiets down, only then should you try talking to him.
  • Remember that anger is a call for help. Because your kid still doesn’t know much about the world, getting frustrated is one way of showing his helplessness. Each time he does this, understand the source of his frustration and remember it. Thus, if it happens again, you can immediately address it.
  • Acknowledge his anger by talking to him about it. Say something like “Are you upset that you cannot watch the TV?” Being sensitive to his feelings will tell him that you are not taking his feelings for granted. This opens the communication for the two of you. As a result, a healthy parent-child relationship will be fostered.

Remember that being the parent, you are the one that understands better so it is up to you to deal with your teen anger management. Showing by example is the best way to teach him how to control his anger.

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