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Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) is one of the trickiest diseases that could only be detected by using a rigorous method of identification of the disease. To be more exact, it is basically a collection of leukemic cells present in a person who has just recovered from a disease or is still suffering. The researchers consider MRD to be one of the reasons behind the relapse of the major diseases as cancer. Moreover, it is quite difficult to detect the cells of this disease without using any appropriate measure. However, recently several effective tools of the detection have been brought into effect for efficient identification of the disease.

There are certain parameters for getting to the root of the disease including many biology tests meant to check the existence of the harmful leftovers of the leukemia cells. These cells have been considered dangerous due to their role in the relapse of the cancer even after the recovery of the patient.

The common measures of detection, however, consist of the tests based on DNA, patient-specific procedures, RNA, immunological testing and some other features. All these measure are intended to identify numerous forms of leukaemia depending upon whether it is chronic or acute. The chronic leukaemia generally exists in the adult cancer patients whereas acute leukaemic cells of cancer are found in child cancer patients.

In order to make it easy for the medical practitioners and researchers to cure leukaemi cells of the minimal residual disease, pharmacology, vaccines, transplants and antibodies are thoroughly used. The drugs as being part of the pharmacological therapy are used either individually or in combination to others. The use of bone marrow transplant is also recommended for the undertaking of the chemotherapy especially.

In addition, a host of monoclonal antibodies are applied to the patient along with the careful examination of the disease altogether. There are a couple or more vaccines too that are frequently used to cure cancer. Either these methods are used separately or as alternative to other or can be used one by one if the disease is too deep-set. However, luckily, nowadays is it easier to detect this disease than in the recent past.

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