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Many organizations worldwide have promoted banning the use of cigarettes as it is very dangerous for the health not only for the smokers themselves but also with the passive ones who suffer more of it because there is no filter when inhaling the smoke. This is why there is various alternative smoking options in order to reduce the number of smokers and deaths by smoking. As good as it may sound; it seems difficult for habitual smokers to just suddenly quit their lifestyle because they are already addicted to it. No matter how much they try to avoid it, they cannot help but light up another stick because their body urges to do so. They know very well that smoking is really bad for their health but the uncontrollable urge within them overtakes their senses hence they are still smoking.

Alternative Smoking Methods

The most popular alternative that a number of smokers have changed and use it is the smokeless cigarette. Unlike ordinary cigarettes, these are devices that can still perform the same smoking style but when bought at stores, the nicotine content of the product can be controlled. What’s more, the smoke that you will see coming out of this device is not really smoke but water vapor. There is a cartridge inside this device that holds the liquid which will be converted to water vapor. These are still similar to cigarette sticks only that you only get to use a single device and when out of battery, you just have to recharge them.

There have been reports saying that a number of smokers have benefited a lot from electronic cigarettes and has helped them quit smoking. Others have slowly gained control over their urges and has learn to stop smoking eventually with the help of the electronic cigarettes. Another benefit that passive smokers will get from electronic cigarettes is that they can no longer smell the same smell that is emitted from ordinary cigarette sticks because there is nothing to burn inside, only water to evaporate and let out water vapor.

Doubts With Alternative Smoking

Even with all the praises and positive impacts the smokeless cigarette has done to a number of smokers who eventually quit smoking, there are others who are very skeptical of its use. For the experts and those who have experienced using the electronic cigarette says that it is useless not because there are some technical issues but how the nicotine content or levels are controlled. You see, there are other buyers out there that purchase cartridges that have higher nicotine levels than what was usually consumed by those who have stopped smoking. So instead of quitting smoking altogether, they just kept on smoking for more and have only worsened their condition. This is why medical professionals and experts do not rely on electronic cigarettes as a medium for habitual smokers to stop smoking.

Other alternatives include the use of gums and patches but reports say that it is no better than the electronic cigarettes because they found that it will only remind the person of their habit of smoking and eventually return to smoking after its 6-month usage.

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