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Pens have exploded in popularity since their introduction a short time ago. This is probably due to real Shisha (Hookah) being so popular itself. For those who aren’t familiar with traditional Hookah, it’s the smoking of tobacco through a pipe, usually through water. The tobacco is typically flavoured to enhance the smoking experience and the water also enhances the sensation. The practice of smoking Hookah began in the Middle East but very quickly spread to other countries around the world. Since real Hookah was a big hit, it seemed a good idea to produce an electronic version and E-Shisha Pens were born.

Electronic hookah Aged Old Shisha Gets Given A New Twist With The Electronic Shisha Pen!

E-Shisha Sticks or Pens are derived from traditional Shisha but they typically aren’t in the shape of a pipe and don’t contain notable amounts of water. Although the liquid inside E-Shisha Pens does produce water vapour, used to imitate real smoke. Electronic Shisha works by heating up liquid in a cartridge and this releases vapour and usually a specific flavour too. They have been likened to e cigs, but they are typically stronger and last longer than e cigs, which is why they are preferred by many. They are normally composed of a battery and liquid cartridge in the same way as an e cig, but E-Shisha Sticks tend to be for one use and are mostly disposable for this reason, although refillable versions are available.

Electronic Shisha was created to give people an opportunity to enjoy some of the key components of Hookah without having to worry about deadly diseases and other health risks. Real Hookah is enjoyable but also extremely hazardous to one’s health, containing thousands of toxic chemicals in the tobacco. E-Shisha Pens and E-Shisha Sticks are names given to their shape, since they can resemble a pen or stick in most cases; however, they both work in the same way. E-Shisha doesn’t contain any tobacco at all, but it can contain nicotine, just like an electronic cigarette. This allows people to enjoy Hookah with very little risk to their health, but it also provides a suitable nicotine substitute for some smokers.

In Summary:

E-Shisha Pens are easier to carry around when compared to traditional Shisha, just as easy as a regular pen. Since they don’t contain any tobacco they aren’t governed by the same laws and regulations as regular Shisha, meaning they can be used indoors and in public places. However, some regulations might be in place regarding E-Shisha Sticks so caution is advised. Electronic Shisha is so popular now that there are plenty of flavours and designs to choose from, meaning it’s easy for people to find an E-Shisha Stick to suit their individual style. Just as with e cigs, electronic shisha doesn’t contain any naked flames or ash so they can be placed inside clothing or pockets at any time during use. Their ease of use combined with their high portability gives people even more reason to enjoy their E-Shisha Pens wherever they go, without having to worry about carcinogens.

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