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When eye and wrinkle fillers are used correctly they can give your face a youthful look but for a fraction of the cost of a regular face lift. The majority of fillers will just fill in the lines and it will take around 30 minutes to see the results, which can last anywhere from four months to a whole year. These fillers are unlike Botox that relax the muscles located under the wrinkles; rather they fill in the line or a crevice with several substances. This ensures that the lines almost disappear. Fillers are also used to improve the volume of the face by lifting and plumping the cheeks, and filling out a thin lip.

Eye Dermal Fillers1 A Rundown Of The Most Popular Eye Dermal Fillers

The beauty of facial fillers

One of the biggest advantages of using wrinkle fillers is that the treatment is quick and easy. However, these are not without their downsides which include the risk of allergic reactions, and the formation of various bumps under your skin. Many times the bumps may actually be permanent. Some people have even reported the dreaded Tyndall effect which gives the skin a bluish tint, the color can end up lasting for many months. There are also rare instances where the skin cells die if the fillers are not properly used. Usually, it is the wrinkle filers that have long lasting effects that cause a number of side effects.

Eye Dermal Fillers2 A Rundown Of The Most Popular Eye Dermal Fillers

What face wrinkle fillers are best?

While, there are many different types of wrinkle fillers available in the market today not everyone of these may be right for you. You should find the right wrinkle filler if you want the best lowest risk to result ratio. The best way to reduce risk is to get your fillers injected by a certified dermatologist or an experienced plastic surgeon. You should start by discussing your options with a doctor. That said below is a brief rundown of each type of facial filler, their benefits and risks.

Hyaluronic acid based wrinkle fillers

These belong to the most popular category of fillers. Each one of these fillers work in a slightly different way and serve varying results. Most people will not experience any side effects when using a hyaluronic based filler other than just mild bruising, selling or redness around the injection site. You’ll also be able to see the filler underneath the skin as small bumps. However, these problems soon disappear depending on how your body and skin works. There is some limited research to show that repeated injections helps to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. This is what helps reduce wrinkles and lines over time.

Synthetic fillers

This belongs to a smaller category of fillers and mostly includes a few lab made substances that are not naturally found in the skin. The fillers belonging to this category have similar side effects to other injection based fillers like bruising, welling and redness. However, experts caution that some people could experience other side effects like bumps and nodules forming under the skin. In some very rare instances these bumps may need to be surgically removed. That said the biggest benefit of using this category of fillers is that the effect lasts a lot longer. If not used correctly synthetic fillers could cause permanent disfigurement.

Collagen based wrinkle fillers

These were one of the first types of fillers developed. Originally, they were made from purified collagen taken from cows. Even though these mainly eye dermal fillers did work well and offered a more natural look the results were not long lasting. This is why most collagen based injections start to break down within a month of using them. Also, because these fillers are made from animal sources they have a much higher rate of an allergic reaction and so they require an allergy testing before use. However, latest collagen processing techniques have helped reduce the risk significantly. The latest forms of these fillers are more useful and safer for people. Even though the results are short lived as compared to other fillers there are many that believe the results from these fillers are the best. Some side effects of collagen based injections include bruising and redness in addition to allergic reactions associated with bovine / animal sources. People who are allergic to animal products should avoid these fillers.

About Author : Mark is a cosmetic surgeon with over a decade of experience with face lift procedures. He currently works for Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre as spokesperson and advisor.
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