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Molasses is a byproduct that is produced during the process of making table sugar. It is characterized by its dark color and thick structure. Blackstrap molasses is extracted in the third boiling stage of sugar production.

Several studies have discovered that the blackstrap molasses is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that not only aid in strengthening your immune system, but preventing a number of diseases including cancer. Listed below, are 15 health benefits that you stand to gain by including blackstrap molasses dietary supplements in your diet:

1. Prevention of Cancerous Cells

Perhaps the greatest health benefit that you stand to gain by taking blackstrap molasses dietary supplement is prevention of cancerous cells. Unconfirmed studies and several testimonials imply that blackstrap molasses is essential in preventing and treating various forms of cancer. These claims can be supported by the immense nutrients found in blackstrap. Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies or scientific findings that can verify these claims. The high concentration of calcium is perhaps the main reason why blackstrap molasses is thought to aid in fighting colon cancer.

2. Rich Source of Antioxidant

Blackstrap molasses is a good source of antioxidant, which is vital in getting rid of free radicals. A tablespoon of blackstrap molasses can provide you with roughly 27.5 percent of manganese. Antioxidant manganese is essential in fighting various forms of cancer, cardiac ailments in addition to preventing premature aging.

3. Increased Energy Production

Blackstrap molasses can provide you with momentary energy lift by inducing carbohydrates in the body which are rapidly converted to energy. Energy production is also enhanced since blackstrap molasses helps in replacing lost iron in the body. Iron is essential in energy generation and transportation of oxygen. Lack of iron often results in exhaustion and ailments like anemia. By providing you with vitamin B6, blackstrap molasses is able to enhance energy generation in the body.

4. Bone Wellness

Blackstrap molasses have also been found to provide the body with essential nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, calcium and potassium, which are essential in maintaining bone wellness thereby safeguarding you from ailments like osteoporosis.

5. Cardiac Wellness

Blackstrap molasses can also provide you with several minerals and vitamins which are crucial in ensuring the wellness of your heart. This in turn lowers your risks of suffering for heart related diseases like stroke and cardiac arrest. Copper, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium and calcium are some of the essential minerals and vitamins that are crucial in maintaining cardiac wellness that are provided by blackstrap molasses. Inflammation of the cardiovascular system, stroke, low blood pressure, oxidative stress and blood clotting are other diseases that can be treated using the blackstrap molasses.

6. Colon Wellness

Blackstrap molasses contains high amounts of calcium that functions in cleansing toxins within the colon. By flashing out toxins from the colon, blackstrap molasses also aids in preventing instances of colon cancer. But none supplements are able to replace a healthy living and movement, find out how to preserve colon health in this articles

7. Rich in Iron

A single tablespoon of blackstrap molasses provides the body with roughly 20 percent the DV of iron.

8. Rich Source of Potassium

A single tablespoon of blackstrap molasses can provide you with up to 15 percent the DV of potassium, which is essential in not only guaranteeing a strong heart, but bone density.

9. High Concentration of Calcium

Whereas calcium is well-known for enhancing bone and teeth wellness, it is essential when it comes to blood clotting, colon wellness, muscle function, cardiac wellness and improved brain nerve activity. A single tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is enough to provide you with 17 percent the DV of calcium

10. High Amounts of Selenium

Blackstrap molasses is also an excellent source of selenium. A single tablespoon of blackstrap molasses can provide you with roughly 5 percent the DV of selenium. Several findings have discovered that selenium is crucial in preventing cancer, promoting cardiac wellness, preventing and treating inflammatory ailments such as rheumatoid. Lack of selenium can cause you to suffer from the ailments mentioned herein.

11. High Concentration of Vitamin B6

A single tablespoon of blackstrap molasses can provide your body with 7.5 percent the DV of vitamin B6, which is essential in boosting the immune system, encouraging formation of new cells, increased energy production, supporting the nervous system and enhancing blood wellness. There are also studies which have indicated that vitamin B6 in blackstrap molasses can aid in preventing and treating various types of cancers since it contains anti-inflammatory as well as anticancer traits.

12. Substitute Sweetener

Blackstrap molasses can be used for enhancing sweetness in food without having to be overly concerned about possible side effects that are similar to the ones caused by taking artificial sweeteners. It has a low glycemic index and as such is highly recommended for people suffering from diabetes or those who are prone to diabetes.

13. Weight Loss

Whereas blackstrap molasses is rich in minerals and vitamins that are essential in maintaining your health, it contains 0% fat. Moreover, it contains fewer calories thus making it suitable for people who are keen about their weight.

14. Stomach and Intestinal Issues

Unconfirmed studies imply that blackstrap molasses can aid in treating various intestinal diseases like diarrhea, intestinal pains, constipation and ulcers.

15. Skin Wellness

There are a number of preliminary studies which have revealed that molasses can aid in curing skin conditions like eczema, acne, blackhead and psoriasis. It also comprises of potent antioxidants that are essential in eliminating wrinkles, premature aging and fine lines amongst a myriad of other skin conditions.

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