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Is it possible to carry out DNA tests to lose weight? Is it effective? You are about to find out! 2007 was an epoch-making year in the timeline of dieting and weight loss. It was in this year that scientists discovered that it was possible to assign a specific weight loss program to any individual depending on their genotype. This breakthrough in DNA testing was conducted by the reputable researchers of Stanford University.

ways to lose weight A Cheek Swab Can Help You Gain Control Of Your Weight

Curious as to why this discovery is so important? It is so because now it is possible for anyone who is obese or simply overweight or frustrated by failed diets to choose an effective and result oriented diet. Whilst traditional diets are made for the masses, diet DNA testing is different for every individual. In effect you are guaranteed to lose more body flab just by knowing the types of genes you carry or those you do not. What exactly is hidden in your genes that might have been the stumbling block to your weight loss regime can now easily be determined by DNA samples obtained from swabbing your cheeks. Studies revealed that those who stuck to a diet custom-created to fit their genotype lost three times more weight than those who did not. This astonishing report was tabled in 2010 at a health conference held in San Francisco.

With just a DNA test nutritionists can help you make an informed choice and pick one of the following diets that complement your genes and to which your body will actually respond.

  • Atkins diet with no carbs
  • Zone diet with low carbs
  • Ornish diet which includes some fat
  • US government sponsored Food Pyramid diet with emphasis on a balanced diet

This may sound dandy to read. But what do you do if the health practitioners in your region are unaware of this development? Swabbing a cheek or putting a needle through a finger can be done by ordering a kit at home as many DNA testing company offer online tests for dieting, genetic health and much more. Some leading companies include,  and homeDNAdirect.

Analysis of specific variations in the sequence of base pairs on the DNA molecule known as single nucleotide polymorphisms were taken as subject for this study. These variation are essentially mutations which some individuals have another do not. They are known to serve an evolutionary purpose, helping in survival and adaptation of the body. These variations determine and explain why some individuals may have, for example, a tendency to develop high cholesterol whilst others do not. Scientists have also located a gene which they believe make some people crave sweets more than other people. A variation in a gene called GLUT2 (which stand for glucose transporter type 2) has been linked to sweet cravings. People who have this gene are thus more prone to being overweight or developing obesity.

To be noted that genetics is a complex field of study and gene testing may reveal characteristics that are subject to a lot of interpretation.

Obesity and DNA testing

Understanding how our body’s metabolize foods and which food substrates and molecules we can actually efficiently breaks down requires an understanding on the level of genes. The tiniest variation in the sequence of a gene can make huge differences in the way our bodies might store or break down fats. If your body is not genetically equipped to break down fats, a high fat diet, even if healthy fats such as omega 3 and other polyunsaturated fats, could lead to obesity.

There are skeptics who claim that gene testing can prove to be expensive, that the field has not been thoroughly researched and hence, its validity placed into question.

According to Dr Oz, leading talk show host, losing weight is just half the battle. An effective weight loss program should enable you to keep the pounds off for at least ten years without the pounds creeping back on. There is an important psychological dimension to weight loss which needs to be taken into account: the motivational aspect required for any successful dieting. The motivational aspect is connected to the reason or motive you have for losing weight. Women might have a huge incentive to lose weight before a wedding but lose it as soon as they have children. In hot, Mediterranean countries there is typically a fitness frenzy just prior to the commencement of the summer months when people need to exhibit their body at the beach. However, this motivation dwindles as the colder months set in.

The study of Nutrigenomics paves the way to better health and wellness. It is our genes that enable food to be metabolized efficiently in our system or deposited as fat instead. While there are tremendous advantages to go for DNA testing you must bear in mind this type of study is still in its infancy. If you are hell bent on going for DNA tests to lose weight then it is best to research the GenePro Test which is currently recommended by the most popular with dieticians.

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