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They’re there on hard days and easy ones; they’ve got your health in mind. The men and women who help you through your cancer treatment are an important factor in your care. When you are receiving treatment for cancer, you want to know that the people who are treating you will work with you and with each other to find the best options for your care. Let’s look at some of the qualities of a care team that cancer patients find most helpful:


You Feel Comfortable Asking Them Questions

For most patients newly diagnosed with cancer, there is a seemingly unending list of topics that you want to understand better. When you first begin treatment for your cancer, you may not even be sure of each team member’s role in your care. What’s the difference between the different medical specialties that deal with cancer care? Who should you contact if you have a question? If you feel that you have more questions than answers at this point, be assured that that’s completely natural. In fact, your care team might become concerned about you if you have no questions at all.

You want to find a cancer care team that will answer your questions about your disease, your treatment and about what you can do to help yourself thrive.

They Help You Find the Answers You Need, Anytime

Being able to ask your care team questions about your treatment and diagnosis is the first most important thing you can have. However, you also need to be sure that you get adequate answers from them. When you’re searching for a good team, you should both feel comfortable about asking the questions and be satisfied with the amount of information they provide. Because the information you receive may be overwhelming at first, you also need to know that you can ask a question a second time or double-check a point with someone if you later find that you didn’t fully understand an answer. It is most helpful when the team also helps direct you to outside sources of information, so you can feel that you have the most complete understanding of your situation.

They’ve Won Awards

Not everyone can win an award of course, but if you’re trying to evaluate the professionalism of the team and the satisfaction of other patients, do some research on the members of the team. Awards, honorable mentions and reviews from other patients are all signs that your team has a history of providing excellent care. See if the center itself has received any reviews, awards or feedback that can help you form an opinion about your prospective care team.

They Use Top-of-the-Line Technology

Although it’s important to feel like you fit, personally, with your cancer care team, you also have to consider the technology and facilities that they use to help treat you. Finding a center with top-of-the-line technology will help you feel more confident about the progress of your treatment. Ask to get a tour of the facility and receive an explanation of why they use certain technologies and processes.

They Discuss Therapies With You

There are many variables that go into the treatment of cancer for any one patient. There may also be additional therapies, or alternative therapies, that you might consider implementing in addition to the doctor-recommended treatment. A good cancer care team will be able to discuss the pros and cons of other therapies and describe to you why the kind of treatment they are offering is the best one for your needs. Again, good communication with the team is essential to your peace of mind while receiving care.

They Work Together To Help You

Your cancer care team will have your best interests at heart; which means that they should be able to work together efficiently to manage your care. You’ll want to observe how well the team works together and how well they communicate. Transparency, efficiency and professionalism will help the team give you the best care.


About the Author: Shelly Marino is a writer and skin-cancer survivor who researches and reviews top-quality surgery and treatment centers such as Pasadena Cyber Knife.

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