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Who doesn’t want to stay slim, fit and healthy? Health books, magazines, videos, TV shows, even advertisements are geared towards staying fit and healthy. People are becoming obsessed in slimming down and they keep on asking for some secrets when in fact, the secrets to slimming and staying healthy is no secret after all.

Eat fruits and vegetables often 6 Open Secrets to Slimming and Staying Healthy

Just follow these six steps regularly and you’re on your way to a slim, fit and healthy body.

1. Pay attention to your food portions
Every diet program around the world, from the African Mango to The Zone, puts emphasis on food portions. Most of these diets advise to take small, frequent meals. All successful dieters are aware of the size of food serving they eat, be it measured by volume or weight, or merely by reasonable approximations. And when it comes to beverages, it also pays to drinkfrom a small cup or glass and save those larger glasses for water only. It is a pain-free trick to consuming fewer calories.

2. Limit and control your fat intake
Regularly restricting fat up to less than one third of the daily calorie intake is one of the successful tips most dieters have done. Read the food labels for fat content and calorie count and choose wisely. Prefer lean meat and fish. When eating chicken, remove the skin. I hate the taste of pork fat when I tried it as a kid, since then I don’t eat fat from meat. Switch to low-fat dairy products. Avoid greasy, fried foods as much as possible. Prefer the other cooking methods like steaming or baking over frying. Use olive, canola, or any other healthy oils in stir frying and salad dressings.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables often.
Successful dieters admit that consuming five or more servings of fruits or vegetables at least five days a week helped them achieve their slim figure.It also helps to plant sprouts and vegetables in the garden so you have a supply of salad greens year round. For those who hate fruits and veggies, there are ways to get these into some of your favorite meat-based food. Putting grated vegetables, like carrots, in meat balls or in soups would make the trick.

4. Opt for the whole grains food over the refined
Dieters started to make a switch from refined or white grain bread to whole wheat bread and multigrain cereals. When buying cereal pick some dried fruits or nuts to sprinkle over it.

5. As much as possible, eat at home
Dieters have noticed that as the number of days they ate in restaurants or the number of days they have taken out meals increase, so did their weight. Avoid the temptation by staying away from food courts at the mall or by giving the drive-through a miss. If you have to go out and would not make it home by lunch, better bring a sandwich or prepare a healthy and convenient meal. It also saves you money in the long run.

6. Exercise!
Successful dieters do regular vigorous exercise — the type that increases breathing and heart rate for 30 minutes or longer. This may be the hardest part of the slimming program that requires pure determination and discipline, but as they say, “no pain, no gain”.

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