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Fighting stress is important to keep a healthy body and mind. If you are a mammal chances are anxiety and stress has become second nature. If you want to get that calmness that you have been wanting for so long, here is the good news. There are natural ways to achieve calmness. Anxiety and stress are natural occurrences with natural remedies. Beating this modern malaise is easy if you understand why it occurs in the first place.

Benefit Laugh to Beat Anxiety and Stress 6 Natural Ways to Beat Anxiety and Stress


It is important that you do breathing exercises.  Letting more oxygen does not only give more vitality to your cells but it also calms the nerves. To push the envelope even further, use aromatherapy to complete the experience. Certain scent is responsible in triggering relief responses in the nervous system that lowers stress levels. Taking the  time to smell the flowers, as they always advice, is the best way to reduce stress. Besides aromatherapy, you may also try some other relaxation and meditational exercises. Enroll in a Yoga class, if you can.

Stay away from caffeine to Beat Anxiety and Stress

Bring down your caffeine intake to a minimum. Consuming caffeine moderately can create a feeling of being stressed. Couple this feeling with real-world stress; you have a perfect formula for a disaster.  The effect of caffeine exaggerates the stress level, says a university research. Consuming too much caffeine elevates blood pressure and stress levels where stress hormones are released into the system. Ditch that coffee habit and try to indulge in some other healthy beverages such as tea and fresh fruit juice.  So, whenever you feel the urge to grab a cup of coffee, might as well grab your glass of fruit juice or tea.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy food is a natural way to fight off stress and anxiety. Foods that are rich sources of B-complex vitamins and micro nutrients such as magnesium help bring down stress levels. At the same time, eating lesser servings more often help you control your blood sugar levels. Have small meals every two to three hours with ample serving of protein-rich food. Healthy eating should be applied even during snack time. Stay away from junk foods, sodas and other carbonated beverages because these only contain chemicals that contribute to chemical imbalance in the brain. As a result, you become more vulnerable to anxiety and stress.


Exercise releases dopamine which is important to level the stress hormone cortisone in the brain. Exercise is not only good for your physical health; it is also good for your mental well-being. It is highly recommended to do 30 minutes of exercise per session for most days of the week. Consult your health care provider and your fitness instructor before starting your exercise regimen.  This is a must especially to people with pre existing medical condition.

Talk to friends

There is no better way to beat stress than spending quality time with other people. It offers you the opportunity to relax and at the same time pour out your emotions. People that care for you are the best people that can relieve you of stress and anxiety. It may be a pastor or a priest, your mom, a significant other or any other person that is willing to spend time listening to you.

Benefit Laugh to Beat Anxiety and Stress

Laughter is the best medicine, period. Laughing allows your brain to release some feel-good chemicals that beat stress hormones. Laughter is also crucial in lowering blood pressure and in calming your nerves. The next time somebody tells you to laugh off your problems; take their word for it, they know what they are talking about.

Beating stress can be difficult but not impossible. It only takes for you to stop and try to appreciate the world around you. Taking the time off will prove to be the best decision that you have made to keep you stress-free. After all, you can’t beat stress in its own game straight up; you have to be cunning to have a shot at the goal.

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