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In the middle of cold and flu season, it seems that everyone is sick most of the time. But some people are much sicker or need more help. If you have friends or family who are having surgery, having a baby or coping with a serious illness, you want to help them out in the best way you can. But people can only take so many balloons, gift baskets and flowers. Try out these get-well gifts that will actually make a difference to your loved ones, when they need you most.

Get well gifts 6 Get well gifts your loved ones will actually appreciate

Here are 6 get well gifts your loved ones will actually appreciate:

1. Updates

A life-threatening illness. A premature baby. A surgery with a long recovery. All of these require updates. There may be a lot of people who want to know how the injured party is doing. And caregivers may not have the ability to spend their days on the phone telling everyone the latest news. A great way you can assist is to take over managing the updates. Promise that you will call, text or email friends and relatives when new information is available. Or better yet, help them set up an account on Caring Bridge so that their loved ones will always be in the know.

2. Meals

For even minor illnesses, meal-planning tends to go out the window. Sickness can often mean hunger when people do not feel up to making more than a bowl of cereal. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way you could help to organize meals to be brought in every day? Sure, you could just send out an email or pass around a sign-up sheet. But there are better ways. Try creating a plan on Meal Train, so that everyone has easy access to sign up to bring meals and can remember the days they have scheduled.

3. House Cleaning

Another regular chore that often becomes a problem during health events and recovery is house cleaning. Someone needs to do the laundry, load and unload the dishwasher, and keep the house in a general state of organization and cleanliness. Could that be you? Even if you only have a half-hour to spare, you can easily fold a few loads of laundry or wipe down kitchen counters in that time. If you cannot spare the time, or if circumstances make it difficult for you to clean, offer to pay for a few hours of professional maid service. Just make sure that the company is reputable.

4. Child Care

Whether the sick individual is a child or a parent, chances are that child care would be appreciated at this difficult time. When a parent is sick or injured, their children may be confused or scared. The invalid needs to rest without having to worry about their children. So if you can lend a hand to make the days pass more easily for the healthy children, all the better. Take them to familiar places to have fun, or stay home and help out with the bedtime routine.

5. Caregiver Care

Depending on the severity of your loved one’s condition, you should take their primary caregiver’s health into consideration. When one family member has to take necessary time to recuperate, someone else has to pick up the slack. The primary caregiver may be sacrificing sleep, food, work and important down time. But you can help them out. Offer to give them a break so they can get out, exercise or even just take a nap.

6. Gift Basket

Many of us stray away from the typical gift basket or gift ideas when we have a loved one sick or in the hospital. But don’t forget, there is a reason why these types of gifts are so popular. A get well hamper filled with items that you know your friend will need and love (think medicine, treats, fruit, a movie, a stuffed animal, and a magazine), could be the best way to cheer your friend up and show them that you love them. You can buy a ready-made get well basket (my favorites are the get well hampers from, or you can put together a basket on your own full of your loved ones favorite items.

Before you know it, your friend or relative will be healthy again and happy. They will also be grateful for your thoughtful consideration in giving the gift of your time.

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