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Medical answering service is now part of managing a medical practice especially to manage calls during after business hours. Additionally, the answering service should be ready to back you up during other situations including huge call volume during the day. It is a great idea to work with a professional answering service but you have to ensure that the agency is reliable to hold your back at all times.

medicaustinpugpic1 6 Benchmarks To Tell A Medical Answering Service Is Ready To Back You

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Great care is very important when selecting an answering agency to handle calls in your medical practice. This requires having the appropriate information required to respond to all your calls with excellence. It is your responsibility to choose an experienced and professional answering service and to give them all the required details to respond to callers. Here are some benchmarks to tell your answering service is ready to back you.

Appropriate responses to all customers

Customers can call your practice any time including after business hours and expect to receive appropriate responses. It would be awkward to call and get confusing information. The right answering service should be able to give customers appropriate responses. This is why it pays to work with an experienced and professional answering service. You have to give the agents a script to use and all relevant information to help when responding to caller inquiries.

Handling emergencies

Your physicians answering service should excel in handling all emergencies. Keep in mind that it is not possible to tell the kind of emergencies patients are likely to have. However, your answering service should have experience and an understanding of how to handle all emergencies. This might require knowing situations that require urgent attention from the physician and those that can wait. You answering service will always be available 24/7 to give your patients the attention they deserve.

Live answering

Patients prefer talking to a live person who can empathize with their situations and without being put on hold. Allowing customers to listen to voicemail is very frustrating especially customers with emergencies. This is likely to cause frustration with a high chance of making the caller switch to another practice. A professional answering service will offer live agents to handle all your office calls regardless of time or day.

Live answering offers callers immediate assistance without even having to wait for the physician. It also helps when a patient wants to schedule an appointment with the physician. The agents also make follow-up calls to lessen chances of appointment no-shows through sending reminders. Assistance from an answering service allows giving customers a positive experience. This will likely make the customers to give positive reviews about your practice and to send referrals.

Knowledge of key contact person

Patient requirements are varied. However, it is important to always be ready to give them the necessary assistance. This is an important virtual your answering service should possess. You have to give your answering service all necessary information to respond to customer inquiries. Additionally, you have to let the agents know the right person to contact hen callers have complex problems or need urgent assistance. The agents should also be able to differentiate between customer issues that need urgent assistance and those that can wait.

Even during after office hours, the answering agents should understand the right person to forward a caller to. This allows the physician to focus on whatever they are doing without having to attend to issues that might have been solved by customer service. It means the physician only attends to patients who can’t do without his assistance. Additionally, you have to give the answering service a convenient option to reach the physician during emergencies.

Multilingual agents

In a globalized economy, it is not easy to tell the language of your next caller. To avoid losing potential customers because of the language barrier, your answering agency should offer bilingual agents. Having a team managing your customer service with knowledge of other languages apart from English is a smart idea. these will ensure that all callers are well attended too. additionally, bilingual agents will make your practice stand out attracting more customers with subsequent improvement on your bottom line.

HIPAA compliant     

It is very important to work with an answering service which is 100 percent HIPAA compliant. This requires safe handling and transmission of all patients’ information and details. All medical practices are supposed to be HIPAA compliant to meet industry standards. Additionally, HIPAA compliance saves your practice from lawsuits resulting from compromised safety of patients’ information. This might cause significant reputational damage while costing your business a lot in fines and compensation.

Bottom line

Working with a professional medical answering service offers back up hen busy during the day, understaffed, and appointment scheduling. Your role is to give them all the appropriate information they might need to respond to patients with excellence. Service from live agents encourages positive experiences leading to customer loyalty.

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