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Going to the dentist regularly is essential. You need to have your teeth checked regularly. However, that doesn’t mean that everything gets forgotten when you go home. You need to be aware of foods that are good for your teeth. We all know that sugary and acidic foods are harmful to your teeth, but what about the good foods?

healthy teeth foods 5 Top Foods For Healthy Teeth

Which foods are actually good for your dental hygiene?

1. Fruit and Vegetables : Top Foods For Healthy Teeth

Fruit and vegetables are not just important for your overall health but will make your dentist smile as well. These foods act as natural protectors against different types of dental disease. Eat raw fruit and vegetables that are high in vitamin C and vitamin A.

2. Dairy Products : Top Foods For Healthy Teeth

Dairy products are also quite helpful when trying to impress your dentist. In fact, these types of foods can help to replace minerals in the teeth, and they are also important for saliva production, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth.

3. Sugarless Gum : Top Foods For Healthy Teeth

When it comes to dentistry, most people don’t expect to see sugar free gum appear on the “good” list. Essentially, this type of gum helps to create saliva in the mouth and because it doesn’t contain sugar it doesn’t harm your teeth. Why is saliva so important? It helps to get food particles out of the mouth, giving you a healthier smile.

4. Onions – Top Foods For Healthy Teeth
Yes, fruits and vegetables are all smart choices, but onions have a special benefit. They have the power to kill bacteria in the mouth. Despite the strong smell, onions help to keep disease out of the mouth. They are full of anti-bacterial sulphur compounds. If you are brave enough then you get most benefit from them if you eat them raw.

5. Water – Top Foods For Healthy Teeth

This may be surprising, but water is actually vital for washing food particles away and getting rid of food that gets trapped in your teeth.  It is important to replace any fluid that we lose through breathing, sweat and urine and it is recommended to drink roughly 1.2 litres of fluid everyday and so making sure that you drink plenty of water is a surefire way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and clean teeth.

Selecting the right foods to eat can be difficult, but it is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth. It’s useful to know which foods can help you to keep your teeth in top condition. These foods help to promote a better environment in the mouth.

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