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The fashionistas of the world have spoken and long hair is in this year! Actually, long locks are a timeless beauty accessory that seem to never go out of style. There’s no reason you can’t help your hair grow to any length you dream of; all it will take is some patience, tenderness, and diligent obedience to these five steps.

Long Hair 5 Tips to Long Luscious Hair

1.    Get Your Vitamins

Vitamin-rich dietsare good for nearly any beauty area you can think of, but are especially important for rebuilding strong, shiny hair. Make sure you incorporate plenty of B-vitamins, zinc, and vitamin D into your diet. If you struggle to eat enough foods enriched with these nutrients, be sure to take supplements specific to hair growth. There are plenty of varieties on the market, so do some research to pick the supplement right for your hair.

2.    Stay Away from Fusion Extensions

If you’re trying to beat the short-haired blues quickly, semi-permanent hair extensions are not the way to go. They put an unhealthy amount of stress on your hair follicles, reducing the speed at which they produce new hair and resulting in thinner shafts. If you’re going to go with hair extensions, use the clip on variety, or try out a hassle-free equal invisible part lace wig. This will give you realistically long locks while you’re waiting for your real ones to fill in.

3.    Trim Your Hair

Regular haircuts will rid your locks of its pesky split ends, which will help your hair reach the length you want rather than continuously break off. Ideally you should be getting a haircut every month for optimal results, but once every three months will do. Tell your stylist to trim only as much as will take to get rid of the damage. You’ll see significant results within a few months.

4.    Avoid Heat and Coloring

You may contest this step, but there is absolutely no better way to promote healthy, strong hair than by cutting the heat. Excessive straightening, curling, and blow drying damages hair quickly, weakening the shaft and creating brittle strands that will snap under the least bit of strain. Dying your hair is even more damaging, especially after multiple coloring and bleaching sessions. Let your hair air dry and flow naturally for the months that you want to see growth, let it heal and strengthen, and eventually you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how healthy your hair can feel.

5.    Deep Condition

Participating in a consistent deep conditioning treatment will not only moisten your hair, but will also help it absorb nutrients to build thickness and shine. You’ll need to make sure you look into the right treatment for your hair, paying heed to your specific moisture requirements (for oilier or dryer hair), thickness, and texture. You can buy plenty of home hair masks at your local drug store or you can go in to the salon for a pampered monthly hair treatment.

Unfortunately none of these tips are fast solutions, but they are great habits for you to adopt for your hair’s benefit. Like little baby seedlings, your hair needs love and attention to grow strong and tall.There are no corners you can cut to reach those beautiful locks you’ve always dreamed of. Keep these steps up as a part of your monthly routine and you’ll reach your goal in due time.

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