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In today’s modern world, the focus is one of style, especially distinctive accessories like shoes, scarves and even a colored contact lens. The vast range of hues available in contacts makes it easy to change your look from day to day. The question is how do you know what color suites you. Just like picking out a seasonal color palette for makeup or find the most flattering hairstyle, there ways to go about selecting a tint for your contact lenses.

Img Colored Contacts 295x300 5 Tips To Getting The Best Colored ContactsAre You Naturally Warm or Cool Colored Contacts

Natural skin color is something to consider when shopping for colored lenses. All skin has a base underlying tone of either yellow or blue. Warm skin is more yellow while a hue that leans closer to bluish is cool. When it comes to determining your overall tone, let an expert help. Go to your local department or cosmetic store and have a clerk assess your color palette for you. This way there is no guessing.

For warm skin, think in the brown family for eye tint. Colors like chestnut or honey complement the rich, warm hues. If your skin is a cooler shade, maybe the more exotic look of jade or violet.

Use your Natural Eye Color as a Guide

Your natural eye color can guide your path, as well. People with brown eyes do well with contacts that contrast like blues or green. They will look vibrant against the skin. Individuals with green or blue eyes make brown lenses pop the color of sweet chocolate.

What is your Motivation?

If the motivation for getting colored contacts is change, than you need to think about going a little wild. A night on the town in lenses that are the complete opposite of your eye color will get tongues wagging. You might also try a look that is unusual such as white, gold, opaque or an animal print.

Try It on for Size

With today’s technology, you can test drive different colors to see what appeals to you. Load a picture of yourself into an image editor and change your eye color to get an idea of how each tint will look. Some stores have software on hand that does the same thing. You might even be able to try out a colored contact lens to see if the tint suits you before ordering.

There is really no reason you have to guess when getting colored lenses. Play around with different looks until you find one you like or consider ordering disposable products in more than one shade. This will give you something new for each day of the week. After all, it is diversity that makes tinted contacts so much fun.

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