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E-cigarette. It seems like everywhere you go today, all you see are ads saying how bad it is to smoke. Everyone you meet keeps telling you about a friend who knew a friend who got serious health conditions all because of smoking. It makes you wonder, why hasn’t anyone come up with something to replace the usual cigarette? Well, they have.

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There is a new product out there called the e-cigarette. This particular cigarette is not the average cigarette that is seen and talked about by so many people. The e-cigarette is a newer and healthier way for smokers to learn to quit or to simply make their smoking habits healthier, for them and those around them.

The main 5 reasons why people choose e-cigarettes is quite simple.

The e-cigarette is run on battery. It comes with a portable recharger which a person can take with them anywhere. This means, instead of going out and spending tons and tons of money on packs of normal cigarettes, all a smoker has to do is buy one e-cigarette and recharge it. All that is really required is to take the e-cigarette and have it start recharging from a USB port. The e-cigarette is small and convenient. Best of all, it is better than smoking a regular cigarette.

The products that make up an e-cigarette are similar to the ones in a normal cigarette. The e-cigarette still contains tobacco. However, the e-cigarette does not let off “tobacco smell.” Therefore, loved ones around the smoker are not exposed and affected to the smoke, when the smoker is smoking. This reason is why many companies are now taking their business into e-cigarettes. Some of the commonly known e-cigarette distributors are websites like and These websites allow smokers to choose from different flavors of tobacco and they include various different colors of smoke. From green smoke to blue smoke to anything in between, an e-cigarette can easily become more interesting than an actual cigarette.

Many smokers also like e-cigarettes because the smoke that an e-cigarette gives off is really water vapor.

Therefore, when a smoker decides to smoke their e-cigarette out at a restaurant, or anywhere they may be, no one is going to stop them. The public does not dislike e-cigarettes at all and in return smokers do not dislike them either. More and more people are switching to e-cigarettes nowadays than staying on regular cigarettes.

Another plus to the e-cigarettes is that there are discounted by things like an e cig coupon or an e cig discount. These discounts allow smokers to get their e-cigarettes for less money than they are being sold for. Anywhere from ten to thirty percent or more can be used when buying an e-cigarette.

Everywhere you go; people are saying it is bad to smoke. Now, you can tell them about the new type of cigarettes, e-cigarettes. Tell them about the main 5 reasons why people choose e-cigarettes. Maybe, just maybe, you or someone you know will replace their usual cigarette.

About the Author: Paul is a writer that loves to share tips on e-cigarettes. You can have a look at his site where you can get someĀ Green SmokeĀ e-cig info in order to better choose your e-cigs.


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