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According to, “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for makeup artists to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018.”┬áSo why is that? Why is it that makeup artistry is going to be one of the fastest growing fields over the next 5 years?

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I think there could be many reasons for this expected growth and popularity in this field. Some of these could include the growth of need for these positions, increased awareness that you can actually make a career out of being a makeup artist, as well as the lucrative financial benefits in this field. But I think that one of the main reasons for this expected growth could be how fun a job in this field can be!

Sure there are the “typical” jobs that might come to mind when thinking of a makeup artist. Maybe things like working at a spa or salon, doing brides’ makeup, or working for a cosmetics company or at a makeup counter in the mall come to mind. And all of those jobs really are fun in their own right. But what I’m talking about today are the jobs that may not come to mind first when thinking of a makeup artist, but that really are the most fun and maybe unexpected jobs in the industry!

Here are 5 fun jobs for makeup artists:

1. Amusement Park

Did you know that many amusement parks have makeup artists as part of their staff? There are two main areas that makeup artists are employed at amusement parks: in their spas (yes, many amusement parks have spas on their grounds!), and to do the makeup for their characters. If you do a job search right now for example, you will see that Disneyland is currently looking for a makeup artist to work in one of their spas. Imagine using your makeup artist license to work at the happiest place on earth!

2. Movie Set

Ever wanted to move to Hollywood, but don’t have the acting skills (or desire) to get you there? Then become a makeup artist! You will find makeup artists working on every set of every movie. Do you love the idea of working in film, but does the lifestyle of Hollywood not really fit with what you’re looking for? All television and news studios also employ makeup artists. So you can find a studio close to home while still being able to do makeup for film. Another added bonus to working in the film industry as a makeup artist? This industry has the highest pay for makeup artists.

3. Makeup Artist to the Stars

There’s another way to get “in” with the celebrities without having the strenuous hours of working on a film set. Become a makeup artist to the stars! All celebrities use makeup artists to help them get ready for all big award shows, etc. Many celebs even hire personal makeup artists to go on tour with them. Imagine having a celebrity best friend, and being able to use your job to travel all around the world!

4. Blogger

There are many freelance makeup artists out there, doing makeup for weddings, family portraits, modeling shoots, etc. They get the benefit of making their own schedule, living anywhere they want, owning their own business, etc. And now with the growth of blogging, and especially video blogging, there has been a growth of individuals using their makeup artist abilities to become professional bloggers. There are many makeup artists who are making a living (and getting free makeup in the process) by posting videos and image tutorials on different makeup looks and techniques.

5. Haunted House

Want to use your creative skills in a less “traditional” manner? Try getting a job at a haunted house! Most haunted houses employ makeup artists to assist in making their characters look the scariest. So if you really want to think outside of the box with your career, and you enjoy a small fright here and there, take your skills to the nearest haunted house. You can also use this same theory to do the makeup for horror films.

About the author: Nicole is a writer for the beauty industry. She recommends this company for a great makeup artist school.


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