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Scaremongering in the press is rife regarding food and many parents are left feeling confused about which foods are safe for their children to consume and which are not. There is a growing understanding of the facts regarding processed foods which is ensuring that more and more people are choosing fresh foods where possible and are also learning to cook classic favourites from scratch rather than buying them ready made. It’s not a difficult choice to make…after all a home made lemon cheese cake is much tastier than the frozen version ready made in supermarkets!

kids eat 5 Foods Your Kids Should Never Eat

Avoiding certain foods is just common sense but some of the worst offenders are not obviously unhealthy…they’re even packaged to appear like healthy choices when manufacturers know full well that they’re not. Here is the definitive list of the top 5 foods which your kids should never eat and why.

1: Processed meats: we’re talking about sliced ham, chicken roll, and corned beef in a tin…that kind of thing. Many people rely heavily on this type of sandwich filling for their children’s school packed lunches but the simple fact is that they’re really not good for you at all…and they’re definitely not good for growing children. Processed meats like this are full of nitrates which are a factor in heart disease and also in some cancers. The quality of the meats is not good at all and they often contain less meat and more fillings such as cereals which are added to a sort of “meat slurry” which is mixed up and then formed into more appetizing looking slices. There is also a lot of salt in these meats and too much salt is not good for children. Instead of meats like this on you child’s sandwiches, choose nut spreads, cheese and salads.

2: Pre-packed cakes and puddings: everyone loves a cake don’t they and children are possibly the biggest fans of brightly coloured, sweet desserts but the type of cakes which come in boxes from the supermarket are far worse for your children than any cake or pudding you could make at home. Full of colouring and trans fats (man made fats) they’re shocking for long term health and can affect digestion as well as heart health. If you want your children to have a dessert then consider natural yogurt with honey and fruit or a lovely homemade apple crumble, cheesecake or cookies. Home made cakes which include whole foods and no additives are a much better choice.

Fruit Snacks: we’re not talking about a few grapes on the run or a nice banana here…no, we’re talking about those little boxes and packages of sweets which pretend to be made of fruit. Fruity rolls and “fruit bites” are generally more sugar and colouring than fruit and they’re terrible for children’s teeth. They’re closer to candy than to actual fresh fruit and are best avoided altogether.

Sugary cereals: whilst many children are drawn to novelty cereals which are packed with sugar and colouring, they are one of the worst possible breakfast or snack choices out there. Empty carbs and tonnes of sugar mean that children experience and initial “high” as the sugar hits home and then an inevitable drop in energy levels soon after. For a long morning at school this often spells disaster. Most children will eat healthy breakfasts if they are well presented and if there are no other options provided! A banana and a slice of wholegrain toast is a much better option and if your child will eat porridge even better! Try topping porridge with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey for an attractive start to the morning.

Microwave meals: they might be convenient but they’re certainly not healthy. The average salt content in a ready-meal is an eye watering 700 milligrams to 1,800 milligrams. That’s an extraordinary amount of salt for a child to consume in one meal and these types of meals should be avoided at all costs.

The main things to remember when deciding whether your child should eat a food or not is that the best foods are the ones which come to us as nature intended. If the food has been altered in a manufacturing process then it’s not good. There are many, easy and healthy recipes for fresh foods which your children will love and which are also simple to prepare.

 About Author : Char Reynolds is a mother and a lover of good wholesome food. She has strong opinions on what children should and shouldn’t eat.
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