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Your skin and hair are probably two of the last things that you are thinking about when you are pregnant, but it is important to take care of these as changes do occur. There are some things that you can do to keep your skin and hair healthy throughout all nine months of your pregnancy. These are pretty simple and can easily be incorporated into your daily self-care routine.

Skin And Hair Healthy 4 Tips To Keep Skin And Hair Healthy During Pregnancy

4 Tips To Keep Skin And Hair Healthy During Pregnancy:

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are nearly inevitable, but you can help to control them and the itching that they often cause. No creams, lotions or other potions have been proven to prevent stretch marks, so it is not a good idea to go out and spend money on these. However, keeping your skin moisturized can help with the itching and may help keep stretch marks from getting too bad. It is a good idea to always moisturize your skin.

If you gain too much weight during pregnancy or are overweight when you become pregnant, your risk for stretch marks is increased. Keep close contact with your doctor about how much you should be gaining during pregnancy and be sure to eat right and do any exercise that your doctor says that you can.


This is where your nose, chin and cheeks have increased pigmentation. They can appear red or darker than the rest of your skin. You want to check all of your skincare products and make sure that they do not contain anything that makes your skin more sensitive to the sun and bright lights. A protective sunscreen is also very important and has to be used even on cloudy days because sun can still peek through the clouds. One recent study showed that a UVA-PF 28 and SPF 50 is a good choice and will prevent this from occurring for most women. You must be religious about applying this and reapplying it when necessary.

Hair Moisture and Texture

Your hair moisture can change during pregnancy. This can be a good thing for some as their dry hair may actually become more moisturized. However, if you have oily hair it can become more oily and dry hair can get drier. Keep an eye on your hair’s moisture and change your shampoo and conditioner routine as necessary. You can also talk to your doctor or dermatologist about which changes should be made.

In terms of texture, your pin straight hair may become curly or bouncier, or your curls may become straight. If these changes occur, you can choose to curl or straighten your hair to maintain your normal style, or just take advantage of this new style for a little while. After you deliver your baby, your hair is likely to return to its normal state.

Hair Loss

You can also lose hair during pregnancy and this is generally related to nutritional issues. For example, you may have protein, iodine and iron deficiencies during pregnancy because your baby is getting those nutrients from you. These deficiencies can also cause your hair to grow in a lighter color or it can become brittle and dry. The good news is that deficiencies can be reversed. Your doctor can provide you with a supplement that is safe during pregnancy. Never start taking a supplement without talking to your doctor first and getting permission. You can also talk to your doctor about making some diet changes to get these and other critical pregnancy nutrients.

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