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This year brings with it new ways to treat your skin beyond the traditional facial mask, creams, and lotions.We’ve put together a list that covers everything from light treatment to more controversial products such those using stem cells.

Plant Stem Cells

8823905618 what is a stem cell 300x255 4 New Skin Care Technologies For 2013What are stem cells? Not like your everyday anti-aging cream, stem cells are cells that can differentiate into any other type of cell in your body, referred to as pluripotency.  Human stem cells can’t simply be put into a topic product like lotion, but scientists are using plant stem cells or specialized enzymes. These can be applied to the surface of your skin, and can stimulate growth of your own skin’s stem cells or them from deteriorating.  Firms claim use of stem cell based skin products can reduce your skin’s age as much as five years by restoring firmness, eliminating wrinkles, and providing greater elasticity.

There is a controversial nature to the use of stem cells for skin treatment though. Some scientists warn that interfering with your skin’s natural stem cell replication process holds dangers that can result in mutations or uncontrolled growth.

LED Light Therapy

Products such as LightStim use infrared and red light treatment to increase collagen and elastin levels in your skin. This is meant to give the appearance of younger looking skin. Skin has the natural ability to absorb and use light as a stimulant for regenerating cells. To get the same wavelengths of light naturally outside also involves exposure to harmful UV rays. Gaining the same benefits of being out in the sun without having to worry about sunburn or melanoma explains the increasing popularity of LED light therapy.

Human Stem Cells

Some companies are using human embryonic stem cells, but not the cells themselves. Firms such as Decouverte Cosmetique is using tropelastin, a chemical secreted by HESC, to incorporate into anti-aging products. Tropelastin’s effects can be seen naturally in pregnant women. The glow women tend to have during pregnancy is in fact what inspired pursuing the use of tropelastin in skin products.

Use of an active ingredient that originates from production of HESC does hold some controversy today though. This is primarily due to ethical objections to use of the stem cells themselves, not the product.

Nicotinamide Skin Products

Nicotinamide refers to vitamin B-3. It can be found in many food sources and is produced naturally in the body through synthesis of amino acids. It helps combat inflammatory skin conditions, and is actively used in the treatment of acne. Studies have also found nicotinamide improves wrinkles, elasticity, and it even increases the production of ceramides, a natural skin protectant which helps improve your skin’s hydration.

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About the author: Dr. Steven Zimmet of Zimmet Vein and Dermatology in Austin, Texas is one of the world’s leading vein specialists.


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