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Unfortunately, sexually transmitted infections (or STIs) are a common problem in the UK today. In 2011, almost half a million new cases were reported in clinics up and down the country – and this is a number which has sadly been on the increase in recent times.

Over the years, experts have cited various reasons for this – be they to do with our party culture, relatively easy access to alcohol for younger persons, or a lack of education on the subject in our schools.

sexually 4 Best Practises To Avoid STIs

While sex almost always comes with some degree of risk, there are a number of things you can do to drastically reduce your chances of contracting an STI. A lot of people, young adults especially, often don’t realise the need to be careful until it’s too late – so it always pays to know the best avoidance practises beforehand. Here are some basic pointers to follow if you’re sexually active and want to stay healthy:

Use Protection

Okay, so it might seem obvious – but it’s surprising how flippant general attitudes towards using basic protection are. Some people find them uncomfortable, while others might find them awkward to apply in the heat of the moment. But using barrier contraceptives, such as condoms or dental dams, greatly decreases the risk of transmitting infections.

Be Sensible With Alcohol

Many cases of unsafe sex are the direct result of a night of excess – after a night out or a few too many drinks, our attitudes towards taking sufficient precautions tend to become relaxed, potentially leading to unprotected intercourse and, in turn, STIs. So, a good way to circumvent this is to know your limits. If you’re on a night out – be it on a date or with a group of friends – know when to call time and stop drinking. The more alcohol you consume, the more your senses will become impaired, and the more likely you are to make bad decisions.

Set Yourself Some Rules

A good way to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at increased risk of contracting an STI is to set yourself some ground rules when it comes to sex. This may mean that you only practise sex with those partners who you’ve been in a relationship with for a certain amount of time – therefore cutting out ‘one night stands’ and diminishing your chances of exposure. Although sexual promiscuity might seem cool or fashionable among your friends, particularly if you’re a young adult, risking STIs really isn’t worth the kudos.

Know When to Say No

Of course, the best way to avoid STIs is to cut out the risk entirely, and not have sex at all. You should never feel pressured into having sex, whether it’s because adequate protection isn’t at hand, or whether it’s because you simply don’t feel comfortable doing so. If you aren’t comfortable with where the situation might be heading, don’t be afraid to call things to a halt.

For further information, contact your doctor.

About Author :  Adam, who has recently had an STD for which he was prescribed medication from Express Doctor. ED are voted number 1 on Trust Pilot in the ‘Drugs and Pharmacy’ category.
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