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Maintain a healthy diet:

All efforts will come to naught unless you eat a well balanced diet. It is essential to get your daily share of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and iron. An enriched diet results in shining, healthy and long hair. There is no substitute for this.

Long lustrous hair tips 10 Tips for Long and Healthy Hair

Drink lots of water for Long and Healthy Hair:

Water will hydrate the scalp thus preventing dryness and dandruff. Water intake cleanses the digestive system and promotes problem free hair. An ancient yogic practice entails drinking one liter of water empty stomach, early in the morning, and puking it out, thus removing all toxins from the body. Do this daily, not only for good hair, but also for supple skin and a healthy body.


Daily exercise boosts the immune system and promotes hair growth. A lethargic body and mind cannot expect much. Yogic asanas such as Halasana or plough pose is very effective. This inverted pose rushes the blood to the scalp nourishing the hair follicles. The result would be beyond your dreams.

Correct combing or brushing:

Don’t over do combing your hair. This will damage the strands resulting in dryness and split ends. Brushing should be done gently, opening tangled hair with your hands. It is important to use a good quality comb or hair brush that doesn’t irritate the scalp. Fine, soft bristles are the best.

Avoid chemicals, go natural:

Nowadays, re bonding, straightening and highlighting is in. But do you know how damaging these chemicals are for your hair! Stick to natural products which protect the PH balance of the scalp and also make you look good. Trust me you could look hip by using herbal therapies.

Avoid extreme temperature:

Excess of heat or cold could harm your hair. The common hair drier is not your best friend. You might not be able to discard it but minimal use can solve the problem.

Regular oil massage:

It might sound like a grandmother’s tale but a hot oil massage can work wonders for scanty or damaged hair. Olive oil is effective and so is vitamin e oil. But what tops the list is sweet almond oil or castor oil. Mixing the 2 would also help. Blood rushes to nourish hair follicles resulting in thick and long hair.

Monthly trimmings:

Trimming your hair might seem like some hair less, but it actually helps in growth. It removes split ends making the hair look clean and even. Cutting just one inch from the bottom should be enough. If you don’t want to shorten your hair then there are ways of just removing split ends only.

Effective shampooing:

Don’t overdo the shampooing bit. This makes the hair frizzy and dull. Correct shampooing means using the right amount of shampoo, repeating it not more than twice, if hair is oily. It is important to rinse the hair properly so that no shampoo remains. Don’t forget to use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. This will smooth out frizzy ends and add a shine.

Cleanliness and hygiene:

It is vital that one maintains a clean and hygienic crop. If you have dandruff then go to a dermatologist. If neglected it can escalate into other hair diseases resulting in hair fall and baldness.

So don’t despair. A little time and care can give you the hair you so desire. What is important is that you do the right things, regularly. Negligence can be deadly. A positive frame of mind and the above tips can ensure your crowning glory.

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