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How little do we know? Well, a lot to be honest. Even though we’re quite certain of numerous things that are bad for us, there are plenty of things most of us consider okay, that are surprisingly bad for them. Here are ten things that are bad for you that you may not realise.

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Yes, popcorn – well the cinema variety anyhow. Gorging on a gigantic tub of popcorn with all that fake butter is extremely bad for you and can have half of your daily calorie needs. Home-made popcorn is a lot healthier by any standard. However, both get stuck in teeth and this can lead to infections and other problems. Dentists would say that eating kernels is like eating stone and if your teeth are brittle it could lead you into trouble.


We’re told repeatedly to drink two litres at least a day, however too much is worse than too little. Water intoxication can kill you – yes KILL. One of the most common reasons for deaths in marathons is people drinking too much liquid. This leads to a drop in salts and electrolytes and this leads to a serious imbalance in the body, which can cause death.

Teflon Pans

Teflon is the non-stick saviour, right? Well, no. It’s quite a toxic material that often comes off overused pans and then gets into the body. The results can feel like flu and scientists have associated it with everything from cancer to damage to immune systems.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is found in foods that we associate with health, such as fruits. However, alone it’s damaging to teeth and oral care and can attach to enamel and cause issues with the teeth’s natural protection. Most sugar free soda has citric acid in it to replace sugar – however, think again the next time.

Skimmed Milk

Research has consistently shown that skimmed milk is not nearly as beneficial for you as the traditional sort of milk. When the fat is removed it seems a lot of vitamins are too and in addition lots of chemicals are added. In fact, a lot of scientists would say that because of numerous issues, you’re better off drinking full fat milk over the skimmed variety.


Yes, your friends could be bad for you. Even though you have all those laughs, tell them all those stories and find them amusing, friends can cause issues. Friends who smoke are one of the main factors here as passive smoking can be a significant issue if you spend too much time around them. Perhaps ask them to cut it down when you’re there or even try an e-cig e-liquid.


The chance of arthritis and other joint related issues are significantly increased if you run on surfaces that your body is not designed to run on. This is especially the case if you’re over weight and places immense pressure on the knees. Only run on softer, bouncier surfaces and avoid running if overweight as it causes significant pressure on the legs and ankles.

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