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Obesity is a very common problem among children these days. Overweight children tend to be inactive and lazy all the day. Are we doing the right thing to help our kids enjoy a fun filled, active and healthy lifestyle? If the answer is no, then is there something that we need to do for making sure they have an energetic life.

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Here are 10 healthy ways to make your child slimmer, fit and healthy.

1. Encourage kids to play outdoors: We all used to play outside the whole day when we were kids, but today’s generation is quite addicted to cozy atmosphere of their computer room playing games indoors. Parents should encourage them to get out of the house, play outside and inspire them to get involved in some or the other physical activities.

2. Let them walk to school: If the school of your children is not far, then it is advisable to encourage them to walk to their school instead of driving them and dropping them. You can also walk with them.

3. Put restriction on TV: Today, most of the children are very much addicted to TV. However, watching TV is not harmful, but there should be limits. Set a proper time for your children to watch TV and name it as TV time. They should be able to watch TV only at a certain time of the day. Watching TV too much restricts their physical activities to a great extent.

4. Enroll your kids to martial art classes: Not every child may like tennis or football, so if they are not interested in sports, ask them to join judo or karate class, which will also help them to learn some self-defense as well as help them to stay fit and healthy.

5. Family gyms: If the weather outside is not favorable to your children to go out and play, then take him or her to indoor tennis center, kids gym or swimming pool along with you.

6. Let them play in your garden or yard: Even if it ruins your plants and grass, let your kids enjoy their playtime in that open garden or yard. It will make them active and the best part of allowing them to playing in your own garden is that they will be completely safe.

7. Restrict their computer time: Just like TV, excessive use of computer is also not good for your kids. Restricting their computer time will inspire them to find something else in their spare time like playing with friends outside.

8. Play along: It may not be easy to find time to spend with your children, but you can certainly take some time to spend with them and play along with them or walk with them outside. You will be amazed by the level of energy you will have after few days of joining with them.

9. Healthy food: Always provide healthy foods to your children. Unhealthy and junk foods will make them lazy and less energetic and most importantly, obese. Add more fruits and fresh vegetables in their lunch box.

10. Support them: If your child is interested in joining some sports team, then support him/her. Do not pressurize your kids for anything, try to convince them but in a supportive way.

About the Author: Helly Wilson is the writer of this article. She is very fond of health issues and contributing her knowledge with health site.


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