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Have you recently made the decision to start eating healthier? Congratulations! Whether your goal is to lose weight, lower your cholesterol levels or set a good example for your children, a healthy diet can improve your life in more ways than one.

8998 scale weigh diet measure 10 Healthy Food Substitutes To Satisfy Your Cravings

Even though snacks are a great way to control hunger between meals, we’re often guilty of snacking way too often. Think about it. Have have you ever grabbed a box of crackers or a bag of chips from the kitchen pantry only to catch yourself devouring three or four servings rather than the handful you intended to eat? You’re not alone. It’s incredibly easy to overeat, even when you aren’t starving or when your intention is to have “just a few.”

Satisfy Your Cravings with These Healthy Food Substitutes

It can be difficult to completely revamp your eating habits overnight. If you’re accustomed to having an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner or you love to indulge in dessert while you watch the evening news, a realistic way to adjust your diet is to satisfy your cravings with healthy food substitutes.

Here are 10 suggestions to get your started:

  1. Chocolate flavored almonds instead of a chocolate candy bar with peanuts. In moderation, both dark chocolate and almonds can be a healthy addition to your diet.
  2. Dried fruit instead of candy. Dried fruit such as cranberries, figs, apricots or dates are sweet, yet they have much more nutritional value and contain far less fat and sugar than most candies.
  3. Frozen grapes instead of candy. Frozen grapes are another great alternative when you’re pining for candies. They are small, low in calories, very “snackable” and great for you.
  4. Pita chips instead of potato ships. Pita chips, made from baked pita bread, are crunchier than regular chips and can be served with hummus on the side.
  5. Sweet potato wedges instead of French fries. Baked sweet potato wedges are so delicious that you won’t even care that you gave up those salty, greasy fries!
  6. Water with lemon instead of soda. Constantly chugging soda? You may be drinking way more calories than you realize. Water with a bit of lemon juice is a tasty substitute that will also help you to stay hydrated.
  7. Fat-free yogurt with a handful of nuts instead of an ice cream sundae. Pop a single-serve container of fat-free vanilla yogurt into the freezer for a few minutes so that it is extra cold; then add a few nuts to the mix. Voila!
  8. Low-fat graham crackers instead of cookies. Resist the urge to overdo it on cookies by consuming a few graham cracker squares. Top a square with a spoonful of peanut butter for added protein.
  9. Popcorn instead of cheese curls. Low-fat microwave popcorn is simple to make and is a great salty, crunchy alternative to cheese puffs or cheese balls. No more messy, orange fingers!
  10. Low-fat banana bread instead of cake. Skip the cupcakes with sprinkles and have a slice of low-fat banana bread to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Don’t feel discouraged if these healthy food substitutes don’t sound as exciting as your favorite snacks and fast food staples. At first glance, they may not. But give it a little time, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself craving fruit rather than chips or passing by the candy aisle of the grocery store without a second glance!

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About the author: Carrie Thompson is a writer for an organic super-food company, Vijuvenate, which provides a variety of nutrient-dense and healthy alternatives to junk food.


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