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More than 40% of US population is suffering from diabetes – some may be at initial stages, while many others have reached a complicated state where they have been advised they need an amputation. Diabetes complications might include lack of blood circulation and nerve damage. These problems can cause non-healing ulcers that lead to amputation of toes, a foot, or [...]

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Superfoods – time to refresh your mind or update previous knowledge. From regular old broccoli all the way to salmon, no need for any fancy weight loss products, just keep it simple. Their is nothing like the classics foods to lead you in the right direction of a balanced diet. 6 Amazing Superfoods For Weight Loss: Beans Yes, you heard [...]

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The average man requires approximately 56 grams of protein a day which accounts for between 10% and 35% of his caloric intake. According to researchers, most Americans eat well over the required protein and push themselves into a dangerous area of consumption. In fact, many American men believe they aren’t receiving enough protein per day even though majority consume 20% [...]

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The Facts On Common Phobias: Most people are aware of someone that suffers from a phobia. Many otherwise rational and calm individuals suffer quite debilitating symptoms of anxiety and paralysis when faced with the trigger to their own personal phobia. Common Phobias Perhaps the most common of phobias are those that revolve around social interaction. They range from extreme shyness [...]

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No homeowner wants to imagine tiny microscopic creatures crawling around your house feeding on dead flakes of skin. Trust me, I know that is one of the most disturbing mental images ever. Sadly, these nasty little creatures, dust mites, make homes out of our mattresses, bedding, furniture, curtains, and carpet, and cause a wide array of health problems like allergic [...]

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